loutra_pozar_aridaia2Loutra Pozar( Pozar Baths) of Almopia or Loutraki are located 13 km. from Aridea and 100 km. from Thessaloniki, in a green area of 72 acres. Their name comes from the words “po” and “zar”, meaning “under fire.”

The Baths, consisting of hot water with temperature of 37 °C, gush over thousands of years by Mount Kaimaktsalan and are known for their healing properties. Individual tubs, indoor group pools and an olympic size swimming pool have been created for the convenience of the bathers.

The imposing canyon of Loutra Pozar, where the Thermopotamos River flows, is ideal for walking, hiking and other sports activities thanks to bridges and paths that are configured. Some of them end up in the caves surrounding the spa and constitute the first cave park of Greece (17 caves). It also operates physiographic Speleological – Folklore Museum, which hosts a valuable collection of important paleontological findings. For ski enthusiasts there is the Voras-Kaimaktsalan Ski Centre only 35 km. away.

The diverse terrain, the rich vegetation and the greatness of this unique landscape will overwhelm you…

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